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About Us
We are Resource 3000

An organization created with a specific and definite purpose - to be The e3000 Total Experience Resource. We understand the investment you've made in your e3000 system, and regardless of your reasons for remaining on the platform, we exist to manage your e3000, so that you can manage your business for as long as you need.

Your hardware vendor may have abandoned you, but we haven't.
There is a good reason you chose the e3000, and we want you to decide when to switch platforms. We want you to change on your timeline, not someone else's.

Whether you are looking for a ready supply of parts or hardware upgrades and the expertise to maintain your hardware, quick solutions to software or operating system problems, software to help you run your operation efficiently, or help with maintaining good online response times and batch performance, Resource 3000 is your Total Solution Resource for your e3000 system.
  • Our guiding principle: We are champions of the e3000 experience. Our intention is to be the IQ after HP, which means you will have a focused, qualified resource delivering knowledgeable, friendly, and timely support for as long as you are using your e3000 system.

  • You already know us. The name Resource 3000 is new, but we're not. We are four companies, each with 20+ years experience with the e3000 system. Combined, we are far more capable than we are individually. Our organization is designed to be a total solution resource for your e3000 systems - now, and into the future. We have the muscle to manage your systems to meet your business needs.

  • If you'd like to remain on your e3000 for as long as you want, you need to know that you'll be fully supported - with one call to a qualified, certified, and trusted friend.

  • You are free to conduct your business. We are dedicated to delivering your e3000 hardware, software, and operating system needs now and for the decade to come.

  • You get a focused, qualified resource. We have more qualified engineers, technicians, and specialists, with far more years of experience than any other company.

  • You keep your critical systems up and running. We have the best mean time to solution identification. Our approachable, highly trained e3000 experts commit to respond to your call within 3000 seconds (that's 50 minutes). We won't ask if your Series 960 is a laser printer.

  • You remain business driven, not technology encumbered. You focus on your business - the reason you own an e3000 system - while Resource 3000 manages your e3000.
Who We Are

We are an organization committed to the community of e3000 users worldwide. For as long as you want to use your e3000 system, we'll be here.

Resource 3000 is a consortium of six companies with combined experience on the e3000 system of well over 500 years. We are:

Allegro Consultants, Inc - The "Everything 3000" people

Allegro provides the MPE Operating System muscle for Resource 3000. Allegro brings to Resource 3000 all you need for your operating system, your system managers, system administrators, and programmers - troubleshooters, custom-software, consulting and training.

Comp Three - Helping manage your IT projects.

Comp Three has over twenty years of experience managing IT projects for the HP 3000. They can help you adapt or migrate your HP3000 platform. In addition, they provide the TIPS data migration tool which automatically converts HP3000 IMAGE and Powerhouse schemas and data to Oracle, SQL Server or MySQL on Windows or Unix.

Currey Adkins - Provides Information Technology and Business Solutions to a wide spectrum of companies both domestic and international.

Services range from analysis and planning to system design, implementation, operation and support. To the HP 3000 community, Currey Adkins offers custom programming and start-to-end system migration services. Supported platforms include the HP 3000, HP 9000, AS400 and Wintel as well as a variety of programming languages and data base systems.

Ideal Computer Services - Your guarantee of healthy equipment!

Ideal's staff provides Resource 3000 with over 18 years experience in the maintenance, sales and leasing of HP e3000 systems. When it comes to the e3000 hardware and disaster recovery for your hardware, you won't find a more qualified and certified crew.

Lund Performance Solutions - Where Performance is everything.

For over 20 years, Lund has been known for its e3000 performance monitoring software. They bring to Resource 3000 a team of performance and operating system experts who can keep your e3000 system and your network running at peak efficiency for as long as you need the machine.

ORBiT - Guardians of your data.

Even the venerable HP e3000 fails on occasion. You need to know that your data is safe, secure, and reliably accessible. That's where Resource 3000's partner ORBiT comes in. They are internationally recognized for providing superb data protection software and support.

Why We've Come Together

Individually, each of the five companies is completely committed to supporting the e3000 community of users. We believe in the community, the people, and the e3000 system. Collectively, we offer the e3000 community a total experience and a total solution. Our expressed purpose for coming together as a consortium is to be the e3000 Total Experience Resource. Together, we have more experience.

In 2001, HP shocked the e3000 community with its announced withdrawal from the market. In 2004, Resource 3000 has come together to fill the gap - now and into the future. We want to rebuild the e3000 community and provide you with all that you need for as long as you need your system.

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