LZW is a great compression/packaging utility from Vytek Wireless, formerly Telamon. It provides a convenient method of packaging MPE files, and retaining their file characteristics. Files compressed with LZW are about 1/2 the size of MOVER files. (If you'd like to see an example of how to use LZW to upload/unpack a file in LZW format, click here.)

You can get either an NM or CM version from Vytek's site. At that page, you'll be asked to read (and agree) to the @#$% Unisys LZW license. If you agree, you'll be taken to a page where you choose which form of LZW you want (raw file or WRQ "label" format), and for which machine/operating system (e.g., MPE/iX, MPE V, MS DOS, HP-UX, AIX, Linux and many others).

(If the Vytek site does not respond, you may be able to get LZW fropm Telamon's old site: lzw.mpeix (raw), or lzw.mpeix.wrq (WRQ labels), or from an older version lzw.mpeix here (raw).)

Notes on Uploading raw version of LZW to MPE:

(Assuming you've downloaded the "raw" MPE/iX (or MPE V) version of LZW to a PC/workstation/whatever to a local file called "LZW.PUB" (or LZWCM.PUB).)

Use one of the following two methods to upload the file to your HP e3000:

  • FTP
    Start an FTP session (perhaps: click on <START>, select <RUN>, and then enter "FTP", connect to your HP 3000 and logon).

    Use the following FTP put command:

       put LZW.PUB LZW.PUB;rec=128,1,f,binary;code=NMPRG
    or, on MPE V:
       put LZWCM.PUB LZW.PUB;rec=128,1,f,binary;code=PROG


  • WRQ Reflection Terminal Emulator

    Connect to your HP 3000 and logon.

    Issue the following MPE command:

          :file lzw.pub;rec=128,1,f,binary;code=NMPRG
    or, on MPE V:
          :file lzw.pub;rec=128,1,f,binary;code=PROG

    Upload the LZW.PUB file with the following commands:

          <ALT Y>     (i.e., enter Reflection Command Line mode)
          s lzw.pub to *lzw.pub binary rec=256
    or, on MPE V:
          <ALT Y>     (i.e., enter Reflection Command Line mode)
          s lzwcm.pub to *lzw.pub binary rec=256
    NOTE! the "rec=256" is important! Without it, Reflection and/or PCLINK may not upload the file correctly!


We have dropped the use of MOVER!

The program comes in something like two thousand versions, all of which have the same version number! (Ok, maybe not *that* many...but about six have been seen!) This causes many, many headaches for us, so we've decided to switch to exclusively use LZW. For a comparison of archiving utilities, check: /papers/posix/archiving.html.

MOVER is a file packaging / unpackaging utility from HP, and is distributed via the TELESUP account. It is generally found as MOVER.PRVXL.TELESUP.

NOTE! MOVER is available only as a Native Mode program, no Compatibility Mode (PROG) version exists for Classic HP3000s!

NOTE! before installing a MOVER package, be *SURE* that you first create the necessary groups and accounts! Otherwise, MOVER will create HFS directories for them instead of accounts & groups...and things will generally not work for you. To determine what accounts & groups you need to create, use the MOVER "-t" command to list the contents of the MOVER truck.