std (Store-To-Disk)

Most files are available in std (Store-To-Disk) packages (as well as LZW packages).

To decompress an std package:

  1. Upload it to your HP 3000 (we'll assume the package is CHECKWWW.std for now) by doing a BINARY upload, into a fixed record binary file, with rec=128,1,f,binary;code=2501. Example:
       put CHECKWWW.std CHECKWWW;rec=128,1,f,binary;code=2501


  2. Restore the files from the std package:
       :file checkwww; dev=disc
       :restore *checkwww; @.@.@; olddate; create


  3. Alter the ALLEGRO account to give it appropriate capabilities:

    :altacct allegro;cap=AM,AL,GL,DI,CV,UV,LG,PS,NA,NM,CS,ND,SF,BA,IA,PM,MR,DS,PH


  4. Alter the PUB.ALLEGRO group to give it appropriate capabilities:

    :altgroup pub.allegro;cap=BA,IA,PM,MR,DS,PH


  5. Alter the ALLEGRO account (and groups) security as desired (ALTACCT, ALTGROUP).