Most files are available in tar packages (as well as LZW packages).

To decompress a tar package:

  1. Upload it to your HP e3000 (we'll assume the package is CHECKWWW.tar.Z for now) by doing a BINARY upload.


  2. Run the shell: run sh.hpbin.sys;info="-L"


  3. Determine what ACCOUNTS and GROUPS are in the tar package:

    tar tvzf CHECKWWW.tar.Z
    Don't forget that "z"...it's important!


  4. Manually build the ACCOUNTS and GROUPS before restoring the files:

    <break> and enter the following commands:

             :newacct allegro, mgr
             :newgroup DOC.ALLEGRO
             :newgroup HELP.ALLEGRO
    ...note: be sure to create all the groups/accounts that the tar tvzf reported! If you don't, the following tar command will create them as hierarchical directories, and that's sure to confuse you later!

    Did I mention that you can avoid all this work by using the LZW package instead?


  5. Restore the files from the tar package:

    tar xvzf CHECKWWW.tar.Z
    Don't forget that "z"...it's important!


  6. Exit the shell: exit


  7. Alter the ALLEGRO account to give it appropriate capabilities:

    :altacct allegro;cap=AM,AL,GL,DI,CV,UV,LG,PS,NA,NM,CS,ND,SF,BA,IA,PM,MR,DS,PH


  8. Alter the PUB.ALLEGRO group to give it appropriate capabilities:

    :altgroup pub.allegro;cap=BA,IA,PM,MR,DS,PH


  9. Alter the ALLEGRO account (and groups) security as desired (ALTACCT, ALTGROUP).