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On-Site Maintenance Contracts
3000 Server Support to 2015 and Beyond!

Exceeding Your Expectations is our goal. Fast, high quality service with a customized maintenance program to fit your needs, not just ours, is our primary objective. R3K is foremost in the industry in providing the Hewlett Packard user with a full-service single-vendor solution. On-site hardware support for Hewlett Packard 3000, 9000 and NT computer systems and peripherals, with significant savings off the manufacturer's list prices. In addition to hardware maintenance, R3K provides disaster recovery, account management, total data processing support, depot repair, network solutions, remote dial-up diagnostic services, hardware, upgrades, relocation services, site prep, emergency call-out service, and our Softline software support services.

How do we support your 3000 Server to 2015 and Beyond?

R3K Certificate of Supportability
a certificate is issued to your 3000 server using the server's serial number as the control number. Each Certificate has a registration number that is entered into R3K's LTS (Long Term Support) channel. The R3K LTS channel maintains sparing and forecasts sparing needs to 2015 and beyond. Sparing is implemented off these forecasts.

Servers issued a certificate of supportability are factored in and grand fathered according to the date the servers entered the program. Recipients of the Certificate will be notified annually as to the current end of support beyond 2015. As long as you are an active R3K customer your 3000 Server will be protected till 2015 and beyond.

When you call R3K Computer Services you get trained technicians at the other end. Whether your call is for technical advice or to report a service call, our personnel will respond professionally and diligently. At R3K you'll know that you are not compromising quality.

R3K is there for you, the customer. At R3K we have taken pride in our commitment to the customer. We want maintenance to be our concern not yours. R3K takes ownership of your hardware or software problem. We will troubleshoot and diagnose the problem. If it is software related, we will then remain on site and work with your system engineer until the problem is resolved.

At R3K you get experience. R3K's senior Customer Engineers have an average of 10 years direct experience. As a contract customer you are assigned a primary engineer and a backup engineer. In addition, we have technical support specialists in-house who specialize in various products to further enhance our support team.

At R3K, your service costs for Hewlett Packard systems are typically 20 to 30 percent below manufacturer's list price. Billing options are flexible. We can bill monthly, quarterly, or annually in advance. The decision is yours. In any case, our service contract prices remain fixed for the term of the contract.

Flexibility is our middle name. Whether it is after hour PM's, relocation of equipment, short-term lease of equipment, overflow processing/printing or time-share systems, R3K is there to meet your needs.

R3K takes pride in providing the fastest response times in the industry. Coverage options are tailored to your specific needs - from Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM service to 7 days a week, 24 hour, 365 days per year service. The choice is yours!

Single Vendor Solution
R3K provides an overall solution for our customers. You can rely on one phone call to address all of your needs. At R3K we take responsibility for servicing your entire DP room, whether it is an IBM PC clone or an Epson printer, all it takes is one phone call!

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