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e3000 Hardware
Providing Qualified and Certified e3000 hardware specialists averaging over 10 years experience with the e3000.

Whether you want to maintain, buy, lease, upgrade, or replace any of your e3000 hardware, including printers and disc drives, we'll exceed your expectations. Guaranteed.

Customized Maintenance Programs

Maintenance programs are customized to fit your needs, providing you significant savings over manufacturer's list prices for month-to-month maintenance and dial-up troubleshooting. We'll repair, replace, or upgrade any of your e3000 hardware on-site. Don't worry if it's a software or operating system issue. Resource 3000 will figure out exactly what needs to be done. We'll take care of your problem faster than anyone else in the 3000 community, and we won't leave until you system is fully functional.

We're flexible, responsive and dedicated to your e3000 system well beyond 2006.

Whether it is after hours maintenance, relocation of equipment, short-term lease of equipment, overflow processing/printing or time-share systems, we will provide what you need. You decide on when and how you want to be supported, and we'll respond with the most qualified e3000 specialists available anywhere. Whether it's hardware, software, training performance, or system tools, it only takes one phone call to Resource 3000 to get your needs met!

Disaster Recovery

We don't care why your e3000 system has failed. Neither fire, flood, building closure, nor other local disaster will keep Resource 3000 from providing you with everything you need to keep your business going. We manage your technology so you don't have to.

We help with every facet of disaster recovery planning, including system backup utilities and a dedicated Disaster Recovery computer room and workroom you'll use during the disaster. We'll provide the high-speed data connections to allow your staff access to their most important data while we help you get your system back up and running quickly. Disaster Recovery ensures that you can always run your critical computer applications.

New and remarketed e3000 equipment

The solution is simple. You have decided to remain on your e3000 system, and you will therefore occasionally need to upgrade or replace your equipment. We use our hardware and software experience to help you decide the best course of action; then, we'll get you whatever hardware you need - new or used - at the best possible price. We'll install it, and make sure everything is configured properly before we leave.

Experience on the e3000 is critical. Many hardware technicians today are not familiar with the MPE/iX operating system. For example, they won't know how to use VOLUTIL to properly configure your new disc drives. We do, and we'll make sure it's right before we leave your building.

Call us about our new or remarketed systems, disc arrays, printers or other equipment you need for your operation. You'll find our Tally series printers to be faster, more reliable, and easier to maintain than any HP printers. And because Tally is still dedicated to making new printers, you'll never have to worry about parts or maintenance.

To find out how you can take advantage of our integrated e3000 services, call us today!

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