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About Refurbished 3000 Hardware
In computer technology, refurbished refers to "2nd user" or used computer equipment that has been restored to like-new working condition and/or appearance or computer devices that have been sent back to the factory to fix a flaw. The term typically refers to the hardware components of a computer that have been either replaced with similar components or updated with newer technology than the device originally came with.

Why buy a refurbished 3000 computer? The quick answer is price.

In a tight economy, many small businesses are discovering the benefits of buying used instead of new. It's one thing, of course, to buy used chairs or desks. It's quite another to buy used computers, copiers and printers. Though it can be a somewhat risky proposition, you can make sure that you buy reliable, long-lasting equipment--and save yourself a bundle in the process--if you follow certain purchasing guidelines.

Look first to the company offering a warranty, second at the warranty itself.

Most used equipment comes with a warranty, 30 days being most common. These mean little, however, if you can't find reliable technicians to repair any glitches that show up during this time. It's usually best to purchase from a company offering in-house repairs. Before buying, ask about their experience with the particular type of equipment and brand that you're buying. Another option is buying from a company that guarantees to send the equipment back to the manufacturer for repair.

Understand the difference between "refurbished," "reconditioned" and "remanufactured."

These terms are commonly used to describe how the used equipment has been brought back into good working condition. "Refurbished" usually means that equipment has simply been cleaned, possibly with minor repairs performed. "Reconditioned" means that all repairs have been made to bring the equipment back into near-perfect or perfect working order. "Remanufactured" means that the equipment has gone back to the plant and has been worked on by expert technicians. Remanufactured equipment is often available only through authorized dealers or resellers.

When possible, find out where others have had success buying used equipment.

Ask friends, business associates, repair shops and retail equipment sellers about the equipment and repair service of the particular company you're thinking of buying from. You might find out that the company's technicians aren't skilled or the company doesn't honor its warranties. You might also find out about another company that offers much better deals.

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