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MPE/iX Operating System
Comprehensive and friendly technical support for all your MPE needs. Guaranteed to resolve operating system issues faster than anyone.

System Software Expertise

The e3000 isn't just a piece of hardware with an operating system. You know that because, like us, you're a part of the e3000 community. The e3000 is an integrated system, which means you'll want a partner who knows not only the operating system, but also the hardware, the IMAGE/SQL database management system, compilers, KSAM, and even V/3000.

We consider all aspects of the e3000 when resolving a problem or helping you keep your system running smoothly. Our roots are in the HP e3000 community, and we can boast that our people helped design parts of the MPE and IMAGE. Because Resource 3000 takes an integrated approach to your system, you don't have to know if your problem is hardware, operating system, or application-based. We'll figure it out for you, and faster than anyone else.

We are e3000 pros. Our people have worked in HP's labs, and have even trained HP's engineers and written software for HP. We know the machine, inside and out.

Custom-designed programming

Need a new application that requires effective database design or custom software? We'll help you design the most efficient databases and create custom programs, including low-level system programs that even HP can't provide. We will because we can. Nobody else can make that same claim.

Operator, System Administrator, and Programmer Training

It's tough to hire new people into an environment with an operating system that is no longer fully supported by the manufacturer. We'll provide all the training your staff needs to program, operate, and maintain your e3000 operating system, utilities, and applications. We'll even teach you.

Performance Analysis and Tuning

Although the e3000, MPE/iX and IMAGE/SQL are tightly integrated and extremely efficient on their own, there are times when your transaction volume or system load will exceed your system's capacity. We have more combined years of experience in performance analysis and tuning of the operating system, IMAGE/SQL, hardware, and application software than anyone. If we can't tune it, nobody can.

To find out how you can take advantage of our integrated e3000 services, call us today!

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