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HP3000 MPE/iX Systems Management
Resource 3000 Systems Management Service provides customers an opportunity to place their System Management needs under the care and supervision of trained MPE/iX professionals. As the effort and cost of locating and training HP3000 MPE/iX operations staff increases, many companies are choosing to outsource these tasks. Although the HP3000 boasts one of the lowest cost-of-ownership systems available, a high level of expertise is still required to ensure that systems are adequately administered to maintain a high degree of performance and security.

Beyond staffing considerations, companies today are making every effort to sharpen their business focus, eliminating or outsourcing activities tangential to their mission. In an effort to stay focused on their own products and services, these companies are finding that they are better off outsourcing operational systems tasks.

R3K offers to take full responsibility for such HP3000 MPE/iX related operational tasks. We pride ourselves on the level of experience and integrity we require in all of our team members. R3K has the certified staff needed to deal with all of the issues related to the smooth operation of your critical systems. We are well aware of the demands today's companies make of their systems availability, performance, and security.

We expect that our clients will need us to communicate and work with their staff and remote sites, as well as their customers. We know how to effectively communicate with technical and non-technical personnel. We present a courteous and professional manner to all of the people we work with.

R3K can work with you to determine the solution that best fits your business needs and growth plans. Our experienced consultants can help take the difficulty out of determining the hardware requirements of your applications. They can also work with you as you add or modify those applications to ensure that planned growth is taken into account and your systems do not become a bottleneck in your business.

Connectivity Options

R3K can support numerous methods of accessing your managed systems. The most popular and economical method of connection is over secure Internet VPN connections between our site and remote networks.

We have the experience and staff to architect and implement any connectivity scheme to meet our customers security, performance, and budget requirements. Our relationships with equipment vendors permit us to deal all of the connectivity challenges in single or multi-site situations with ease.

Customer Support

The R3K Customer Support has been designed to facilitate the rapid isolation and resolution of customer problems. During non-business hours, staff is accessible by both pager and cell phone. We have a very sophisticated network permitting our staff to access your secure network remotely, facilitating problem resolution after-hours.


R3K is proud to have staff members that maintain certifications in key areas related to system operations, administration, security, network design, and systems development.

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