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Report on a Community in Chaos:
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Lancaster disagrees that those who choose to remain on the e3000 are homesteaders. “They’re not alone,” he says. Instead, he wants to recreate as much of the e3000 community experience as possible, and that sense of community, he says, is
the real fuel behind Resource 3000’s burning desire to support those who remain on the system. “Many people with whom I’ve worked over the years have dedicated their careers to the e3000 system,” Lancaster continued. “For some, it’s all they know. Homesteading implies that e3000 customers are left to fend for themselves, and with all this incredible talent available, I don’t believe it has to be that way.”

Lancaster contacted his old friends to propose joining forces and
create Resource 3000. He claims that, “Once we really get the Resource 3000 consortium rolling, I believe we’ll see an influx of
other long-time e3000 consultants and third parties wanting to

join. Who wants to be out in the cold alone when they can share in the camaraderie and support of a community of like-minded people?”

The Business side of creating community

HP has left a big hole by announcing they’d stop supporting the system after 2006, and Lancaster feels a consortium can fi ll that hole better than anyone. “We’ll work with anyone, anywhere, who has a desire to nurture this community for as long as necessary,”
Lancaster insists. “We’re going to rebuild this community and keep it viable for as long as customers want to keep using their systems. We’re not really homesteaders. We’re a community.”

Finally, Lancaster offered this to e3000 users worldwide: “I want to offer a personal invitation to everyone to join us in creating a new community of e3000 users. This invitation applies to customers and vendors alike. We are in a position to create our own future – together.”

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   Resource 3000 - NEWS - Issue No. 1 - JANUARY 2005