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under high I/O loads.

The single X controller is the only connection to the HP e3000 supported. We recommend that you purchase the second Y controller to avoid total controller failure. The second controller will be able to take over when swapped into place because it maintains a copy of the current firmware and disk maps. If your 12H contains 12-18Gb disk drives, we recommend configuring each of the LUNs for 11Gb of storage.

This configuration has given the best performance versus capacity. This capacity allows for RAID1 and available space for two hot spare disks. Total capacity of the LUNs should not exceed 90Gb to ensure optimum performance.

We also recommend that you set Data Resiliency Mode “Normal.” However, some users have reported very slow Restore speeds with Normal mode. To correct this problem, set the Data Resiliency Mode to “Performance

Mode” only during the restore. Remember to reset the mode back to Normal when your large restore is completed.

Set Rebuild Priority to High. This may cause some degradation in your online transaction response times (probably not noticeable), but will reduce the likelihood of encountering a disk mechanical failure while the system is still recovering from a previous disk mechanical failure.

We hope this information helps you to improve your confidence in your system. For additional information or questions, contact us. Resource3000 is dedicated to ensuring the continuation of your significant investment in the HP3000 platform.

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This month’s question:

What procedure would you use to install and fully enable a new network printer without having to reboot the system?

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