Issue No. 1 January 2005
Who is Resource 3000?
Resource 3000 is a consortium of four companies with combined experience on the e3000 system of well over 500 years. We came together at a time when each of us was wrestling with our identity within the HP e3000 community. Separately, we were performing to plan. Although our e3000 business was shrinking as customers migrated to other platforms, we were developing new businesses elsewhere as necessitated by the changing times. But together, we realized we had something to offer e3000 customers that we couldn’t offer individually – a total experience on the e3000.

As HP’s support for the e3000 wanes, those who remain on the system have wondered where and how to get reliable support, hardware, and e3000 products. Some companies have provided these services and support on an adhoc basis. We decided to make total HP e3000 support a consciously created venture. Hence, we’ve combined the best of all worlds e3000. And, we’re committed to the e3000 for the long term.

If you or your company have anything to do with the e3000, we welcome you to the community. (Continued, next page)
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Time Is Not Running Out on Your HP e3000!
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The HP e3000 Never Hangs... Or Does It?
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Time is NOT Running Out On Your HP e3000!
In a recent Interex article (e3000: Time’s Running Out As HP’s End of Support Date for the MPE Platform Nears, Migration Rate Increases, Oct. 14, 2004), HP’s Dave Wilde is quoted as saying, “We have been very clear in all our presentations that customers begin their planning, because there is lead time…. The earlier you start, the more runway you have and the less you wind up with time-limited issues.”

Although HP accurately assesses that companies average two years to migrate from the e3000 to an alternate platform, their assertion that time is running out for users of the e3000 simply isn’t true.

HP’s big push to help e3000 customers migrate to other platforms is predicated on the belief that once HP’s support ends on December 31, 2006, e3000 customers will have a difficult time maintaining their systems. HP announced earlier this year that it has extended the software support for MPE/iX release 6.5 to coincide with the end of support for MPE/iX 7.0 and 7.5 at the end of 2006. Customers will be able to purchase some software from HP until June 30, 2005, while HP (Continued on page 3)   Resource 3000 - News - Issue No. 1 - January 2005