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Odds and Ends, Tips and Solutions

Each month, we’ll pass on a few tips and solutions from the support calls we receive from our customers. Here are our two tips for this month:

Is Your System Load Tape Good?

One of our support people says this: “I always tell people that they should run CHEKSLT.MPEXL.TELESUP after creating a system load tape to verify that it was created correctly, and can be read correctly in the future. Further, I recommend that they use a different tape drive for the test, or even verify the tape on a different MPE system. This way, you’ll always know you have a valid and useful tape.”

Finding A Lost Password

This month we’ll give you the tip, but not the solution. Yes, we’re playing with you. Did you know that you can use Debug to recover, and even replace passwords on your system? You can, and it’ s not that tough. Call us for the solution, or make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to see the solution in next month’s issue. (>>return to page 1)

  www.resource3000.com   Resource 3000 - NEWS - Issue No. 1 - JANUARY 2005