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You’re the EXPERT!

With our inaugural issue of the Resource 3000 Newsletter, we welcome you to “You Are The Expert!” Each month we will pose a technical question – hardware, software, application, performance, or operating system. We invite you to send us your answer to the question. Those who provide the correct answer will be included in a drawing for a “memorable prize” to be determined each month. Some months we’ll pose more challenging questions, and some months you’ll find questions most system managers can answer easily. This is your chance to demonstrate your expertise! The winner may, at his or her discretion, have a short profile included in the next month’s issue of “You Are The Expert!”

This month’s question:

What procedure would you use to install and fully enable a new network printer without having to reboot the system?

Good luck. We hope you can show us that you are the expert and win our “memorable prize”. (>>return to page 1)

  www.resource3000.com   Resource 3000 - NEWS - Issue No. 1 - JANUARY 2005