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Last Issue's "You're the EXPERT!" Question and Answer

The Question: What procedure would you use to install and fully enable a new network printer without having to reboot your 3000?

The Answer: The most concise non-reboot solution...

A. While logged in as MANAGER.SYS run IOCONFIG and issue
these commands:

ioconfig: adev ldev=nnn;id=HPTCPJD;path=NONE
ioconfig: exit

B. Add a record to NPCONFIG.PUB.SYS. The minimum requirement is to specify simply the LDEV number and the IP address: nnn (network_address =

C. Start the spooling process for the new device: :startspool nnn

We recognize that this is a common practice. However, our “offi cial” recommended method is to use the traditional SYSGEN/reboot method. This technique is described in detail in our online paper available at:

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You're the EXPERT!
The winner from Issue #1 was: Jim Watson. The prize for the correct answer is the pocket-sized iPod Shuffle.

Congratulations, Jim! (See Answer above)

The question this month is:

How do I tell how much memory I have installed in my 3000?
Note: there are many different ways to do this; the winner will be the person who submits the greatest number of correct responses (and no incorrect ones!!).

The winner will receive a free copy of The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki. It’s a great book.

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   Resource 3000 - NEWS - Issue No. 2 - MAY 2005