January 2007
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Resource 3000 Adds Two
New Partners    
In keeping with its mission to provide “Everything e3000”, the Resource 3000 consortium is pleased to announce the addition of Currey Adkins and Comp Three.

Currey Adkins provides Information Technology and Business Solutions to a wide spectrum of companies both domestic and international. Services range from analysis and planning to system design, implementation, operation and support. To the HP 3000 community, Currey Adkins offers custom programming and start-to-end system migration services. Supported platforms include the HP 3000, HP 9000, AS400 and Wintel as well as a variety of programming languages and data base systems.

Comp Three is an IT services firm which specializes in providing data and application integration, migration, new application development and data warehousing services. Its co-founders began their careers at HP working on the e3000 platform and have worked on numerous e3000 projects and migrations over the years. Comp Three handles all aspects of IT projects: gathering requirements, creating design documents, coding and creating new applications as necessary and moving projects through SOX/SDLC compliance issues.

TIPS, the Turbo Image Converter from Comp Three, allows you to call your own HP3000 code during its execution and is the most powerful HP3000 to SQL converter on the market, and is now available through Resource 3000.

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Resource 3000 Adds Two New Partners
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Warehouse your HP3000 data in MS SQL Server - Comp Three
As the owner of your HP3000 system, you’re probably fond of its capabilities as a business application platform. You’ve invested years in building your customized applications which exactly fit your business needs. At the same time, you may feel the pressure to provide Windows based reporting capabilities to your user community, so that they can start using tools like MS Access or Excel to report the HP3000-based data.

Sometimes the pressure to migrate off your HP3000 is not really based on its capabilities as a transactional system or even its planned obsolescence, but rather, on its reporting GUI. To be blunt, others just want the system to seem more state-of-the-art.

As a short or long term response to the migration question, many companies have simply provided Windows access to the HP3000 data, by providing an MS SQL “data warehouse” which houses a copy of their HP3000 data. Having set up an MS SQL copy of the data, these companies then begin developing reports against this data using Access, Excel, or web-based tools like ColdFusion or Cognos Report Studio, and are content to leave the transactional processing to the HP3000.

The “reporting” copy of the data on SQL Server keeps users off the HP3000, a security advantage often cited by companies who opt for this topography. It also allows for easier integration with other Windows or RDBMS based systems, using the plethora of tools available on Windows. Using a tool like TIPS, available from Resource3000, you can easily build a SQL Server database which houses all or part of your HP3000 data, and have it refreshed from the HP3000 on a scheduled basis. In fact, a productionalized, automatically-fed data warehouse can be set up in about one day.

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