January 2007
Migration Resources

Resource3000, under the banner “everything e3000”, provides hardware and software support as well as migration tools.

Our migration tools have been carefully selected as the most efficient and easy to use in order to migrate an MPE environment to any of a large variety of target environments: HP-UX, other UNIX, Windows, AS400, Linux, etc. We believe that, with internal initiative and the support of Resource3000 experts, most small to medium size shops can successfully complete their migrations without major intervention by outside migration specialists, thereby preserving investment in legacy applications, minimizing end-user retraining, and realizing significant cost savings.

Resource3000 offers the following products and resources:

  • Acucobol - ACUCOBOL GT offers unparalleled portability. With the COBOL Virtual Machine, your compiled applications can be moved from one platform to another without changes or recompilation.
  • ScreenJet - convert VPLUS forms directly into ACUCOBOL™-GT AcuBench formats
  • Eloquence - The Eloquence database offers compatibility beyond intrinsics and allows migration of HP e3000 applications with typically no effort. Database migration is just a matter of data export and data import.
  • Rosetta Store - Rosetta offers a wide selection of automatic data transformations, including the ability to restore IMAGE databases into Eloquence databases. Users who are in the process of migrating off of MPE will need to migrate their data from the MPE platform to the new platform(s). This traditionally would require the creation of separate extract, transport, and import processes, plus the infrastructure to execute them when needed. Rosetta Store can perform all of these operations without requiring the user to write extensive custom programs, and it can perform all of the operations on all or a subset of the user data as often as required. The ability to easily perform repeated data conversions will ease the portion of the transition during which both old and new systems exist in parallel, either for development, testing, or true parallel operation.
  • INTRINS/iX - is a package of "MPE intrinsic look-alike" routines for use on various Unix/Linux platforms, including HP-UX
  • Comp Three - provides comprehensive solutions and services for migrating HP3000 TurboImage databases and applications to a variety of target platforms. Extensive experience (20+ years) working with utilities and applications on the HP3000 platform and in the MPE operating system labs
  • Currey Adkins - provides Information Technology and Business Solutions to a wide spectrum of companies both domestic and international. Services range from analysis and planning to system design, implementation, operation and support





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