BACKUP/3000 for MPE/iX provides fast and reliable backups on any size MPE/iX system. In addition, Backup 3000 delivers optional On-line backups and ORBiT's unique Zero Down Time and Delta technology to prevent application downtime on your business critical systems.

  • Faster store and restore operations than NMSTORE.

  • Zero Down Time (ZDT) allows any data file, including Image, AllBase and Oracle, to be backed up without taking users off-line.

  • A feature set better than TurboSTORE, or any other product.

  • Multiple tape drive support with parallel backup and restore (up to 64 drives).

  • One of the only MPE backup products that supports FASTSEARCH and APPEND on DLT drives.

  • OLM add-on module available that provides the power to automatically select and mount media as needed.

  • Optional Tape Manager & Librarian for tracking tape usage and file placements on backups.

  • Disk to disk backups for the ultimate in backup performance.

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