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  Learning MPE/iX

Tools/articles to help learn about MPE/iX and the HP 3000:

On-line HELP (contributed by Wirt Atmar)

HP3000 on-line help is surprisingly good. In fact, you may not need anything else. Sign on to any account that you can and then type:

and then type:
and when finished with that, type:
to review the HP3000's command, grouped by class.

On-line POSIX training

There is an on-line tutorial covering the Hierarchical File System (and some related POSIX topics:



When in the POSIX shell, you can type

$man posixcmd

(of course, replace "posixcmd" with the name of the command you want help on) to get help on POSIX commands. You may need to set the MANPATH environment variable to something like $export MANPATH="/usr/man:/usr/contrib/man:/usr/local/man"

From the MPE CI (the ":" prompt), you should be able to get help via: setvar TERM="hp2392a" :man posixcmd (If "HPBIN.SYS" isn't in your path, try ":man.hpbin.sys posixcmd").

There is also a "HELP.HPBIN.SYS" command, which you can use by typing something like

:xeq help.hpbin.sys posixcmd

(It looks in /usr/man/man1/command.1, then in /etc/helpfile, and finally in $HELP/helpfile.)


The MPE reference manuals are available on CD, and via the web.

If you want to use the CD's, make sure you have both the MPE/ix 5.5 and the MPE/iX 6.0 (or 6.5) CD's. Not all manuals have been converted to the new format yet, so you may need to search both.

On the web, point you browser at

Just like the CD's, make sure to check both the 5.5 and 6.0/6.5 manuals.

There are a bunch of "Getting Started" manuals on the CD's, including

Getting Started as an MPE/iX Programmer
Getting Startd with HP IMAGE/SQL
Performing System Management Tasks
Performing System Operations Tasks
Using the 900 Series HP 3000: Fundamental Skills (8 modules)
Using the 900 Series HP 3000: Advanced Skills (8 modules)

The SMUG Book

An excellent collection of papers on many topics is the "SMUG Book", from Robelle Solutions Technology, at

HP Training

Visit the HP IT Resource Center to find out about on-line seminars, self-paced web-based training, and classroom courses.

On-line "libraries"

There are a lot of sites with collections of excellent papers and tutorials on various HP 3000 topics. Here is a list:

The Adager Corporation (Papers, esp. on IMAGE)
Allegro Consultants, Inc. (Papers)
HP Jazz (Papers and Tutorials)
Interex (Interex membership REQUIRED for most archives)
Orbit Software (Papers)
Robelle Solutions Technology (Papers and Tutorials)
3k Associates (Papers)
HP3000-L FAQ List
The Image FAQ List

Email lists

HP3000-L (echoed to the newsgroup comp.sys.hp.mpe)

To subscribe, send a message to LISTSERV@RAVEN.UTC.EDU with a body of

subscribe hp3000-l Your Full Name
To post, write to: HP3000-L@RAVEN.UTC.EDU

Web-based access to HP3000-L is available in several formats:

Searchable archives
Threaded archive
Executive Summary of HP3000-L Postings Access to HP3000-L

Interex SIG lists (Interex membership NOT required)


Beyond RISC!
The IMAGE Handbook
The IMAGE Textbook

The Legacy Continues
by Mike Yawn, George Stachnik, Perry Sellars

Thoughts and Discourses on HP 3000 Software (4 editions)
by Eugene Volokh

Taming the HP 3000
by Robert A. Lund

   Resource 3000 - Technical Paper