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Tools and Utilities
Providing you with the best in class tools to manage your systems for as long as you have them.

System Management Tools

The Resource 3000 consortium members are well known worldwide for the quality and breadth of the system management tools we provide. These tools have become essential pieces of the system management puzzle for thousands of e3000 customers and are designed to make the e3000 extremely reliable, stable, and versatile. The shortlist of tools include:

  • Backup+iX - the most advanced system backup solution for HP3000 customers.
  • The ORBiT Library Manager TM (OLM) - provides the ability to support Automated Tape Libraries (ATLs)
  • De-Frag/X Disk Manager - a complete disk environment management tool for the HP e3000.
  • Shadow Data Replicator - real-time replication of TurboIMAGE/XL databases, KSAM files and flat files from a primary HP e3000 system to any number of secondary HP e3000 systems.
  • System Manager's Toolbox - a highly regarded set of sophisticated system utilities, devised to streamline, increase performance and help make day-to-day operations and repetitive tasks on the HP e3000 easier and more efficient.
  • Intact D/R - provides the solution to program aborts.

System Performance Tools

Our performance management software and performance tools enable users to do multi-platform and performance management on their HP e3000 systems. They are the premier performance management tools on the e3000, and puts the power of our 500+ years of experience on the e3000 at the disposal of your system manager. Our performance tools include:

  • Meta-View Performance Manager - the most comprehensive, multi-platform monitoring and performance reporting system available for e3000, UNIX, NT, and LINUX customers. It provides data instantaneously over the Internet in both graphical and tabular form and is completely customizable.
  • Forecast Capacity Planner - a capacity planning application designed to assist IT management and technology personnel with proactive system scaling.
  • Q-Xcelerator - Allows you to dynamically adjust the real-time performance of your online and batch applications.

Programmer and Database Tools

Most of our technical staff have programmed on the e3000 at one time. We have worked closely with third parties, such as Adager, to provide enhancements to their software and we have written or co-written many of the popular tools used on the e3000 today. We easily have the ability to provide you with the best tools for your programmers and database administrators, and to support your most important tools.

The very short list of Tools we can provide or support include:

  • Adager - The adapter/manager to manage your IMAGE/SQL databases.
  • SPLash! - the Native Mode SPL Compiler (for PA-RISC)
  • The Programmers Toolbox - an essential set of tools and utilities to make programming easier on the e3000
  • Intact D/R - helps you develop better applications faster to test against real data.

Third Party tools and utilities

Resource 3000 is committed to supporting any tools or utilities you use, or want to use. We have solid relationships with the major third party software providers, and will gladly work with suppliers of your choosing. The list of third parties we work with is long. Call to see if your tools and utilities are on our list. If not, we'll do everything we can to add them!

Free Software

We maintain an online library of free utilities and tools we've developed over the years, and tools developed by others. These are not supported, but we've tested them in most environments and have found them to be quite useful. Call or email to get a complete list of the free software we provide.

To find out how you can take advantage of our integrated e3000 services, call us today!

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