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Forecast Capacity Planner

The first capacity chart (above) forecasts a 15-percent growth rate over a 12-month period on an HP e3000/957 server. This is a projected CPU utilization by workload groups chart displayed as a stacked 3D bar graph. Notice how the system is unable to handle the projected workload and how two of the workload groups experience priority workload squeeze.

The second capacity chart forecasts how the target system handles the same projected growth rate with adequate room for additional growth and special request processing. Notice how none of the workload groups experience priority squeeze, as seen in the prior graph.

Forecast Capacity Planner is a capacity planning tool designed to assist IT management and technology personnel with proactive system scaling. Forecast takes representative performance data and models that data into the future using mathematical algorithms and queuing network models. These Forecast models can be used to predict resource saturation dates, so appropriate budget requests and proactive planning can take place in an effort to reduce the instances of emergency and extraneous expenses.

Forecast gathers existing performance data from a host system, HP-UX or MPE/iX, as input to build a model. This model reflects current performance and is the base from which Forecast makes its predictions. Once a baseline model is established, Forecast utilizes queuing network algorithms to predict the effects different system conditions. Forecast's overhead on the host machine is minimal, and there are no special requirements at the PC level.

Forecast can be used to evaluate various tuning and upgrade scenarios. You could view the effect of upgrading to a larger system. Forecast can predict growth rates by application or department. For instance, assessing the impact of new applications to be implemented in the future. During a single working session, IT management can evaluate models and decide which configuration is most cost-effective for the company.

Forecast produces numerous full-color reports in both graphical or tabular form that profile system performance metrics such as response times, throughput, CPU utilization, performance degradation and transaction service time. Forecast data may also be exported to your favorite spreadsheet or graphics package. Forecast Capacity Planner by Lund Performance Solutions is a "must have" capacity planning tool for any IT department.

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