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De-Frag/X Disk Manager

De-Frag/X allows you to address a variety of data locality issues, including disc and file fragmentation. With De-Frag/X you can analyze your storage environment and create an effective plan for I/O optimization. De-Frag/X also provides data insurance through the CLONEDISK command. CLONEDISK creates a bit-for-bit copy of a failing drive onto an equal size or larger drive. De-Frag/X operates with full Transaction Manager support, guaranteeing data integrity and protecting against loss. The following commands and capabilities are included:

· ANALYZE reports current level of file fragmentation on your system.
· MAP reports current level of disc fragmentation on your system.
· CONDENSE moves all permanent space contiguous and then moves all free space contiguous to the outer edge of the platter.
· FRAGMENT allows you to distribute databases or files equally across multiple disc drives.
· DEFRAGMENT moves disparate file extents into one contiguous extent.
· BALANCE spreads data across a volume set or disc environment equally.
· MAKEROOM moves data to create contiguous free space, useful for OS updates.
· TRIM reclaims unused space after a file's EOF.
· CLONEDISK allows you to perform a bit-by-bit copy of a failing disc drive to another disc drive of the same or greater size.
· MEMMAP allows the user to see what pages of a specified disc are currently in memory; useful in determining what portions of a disc are currently memory-resident and in what quantities.

Key Features:

· Transfer data from a failing drive quickly
· Eliminate system reloads
· Analyze, condense, and defragment your system while it's in use

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