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Performance Gallery Gold


Performance Gallery Gold's automation feature enables everyone to be proactive in their approach to system performance management. With Performance Gallery Gold (PGG) you can manage system performance by exception-spotting and addressing potential problems before they impact business operations. Simply set up PGG to either post your pre-selected charts to a designated Web URL or send them to a printer on a regular schedule.

Problem Analysis and Resolution

Performance Gallery Gold is a great complement to host-based monitoring tools. PGG's instant replay-like capability provides immediate access to historical performance information without losing the granularity and detail of the occurrence. That, combined with PGG's real-time statistics, drill-down and expertly configured charts, empowers you to reactively isolate, identify and report conditions quickly and accurately.


PGG makes it easy to convey observances and knowledge in a meaningful and timely way to varied degrees of technical audiences, both intra- and inter-departmental. For example, send a detailed root cause analysis to the operations team, and deliver informative and relevant month end reports to the management team.

Trending and Growth Projection

Identify the cause of a single event and predict future events and outcomes with the ease of a true performance expert. Use Performance Gallery Gold to weigh typical vs. atypical and normal vs. abnormal conditions, and then determine the priority, business impact and global effect of workload isolation, projected growth and allocation of resources. When used on a daily basis, Performance Gallery Gold is the key to bridging from reactive to proactive system performance management.

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