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System Manager's Toolbox
The System Manager's Toolbox is a collection of utilities distributed by Resource 3000. If you are a system manager, there are tools listed below that you will use on a regular basis and wonder how you ever managed without them.

A program to alter the capabilities and other attributes of both NM and CM program files. It will also display informational messages identifying "abnormal" capabilities, i.e. NMSTACK=0. Almost any program file attribute can be altered or viewed, including the status of the OCT flag for compatibility mode programs.

Allows you to change the current date or time without rebooting. For MPE/iX versions 5.0 and later, BETIMES uses the MPE/iX command SETCLOCK. One might think that the SETCLOCK command supercedes BETIMES. However, BETIMES is more idiot-proof and contains a number of functions that make various time/date changes easier.

A file management tool using a terminal windows interface (Wingspan) to perform file management operations on filesets. It operates like a point and shoot interface to MPE/iX, similar to Windows 3.x File Manager or Windows 95 Explorer. BLAZE also has an interface to MAGNET for constructing file sets based upon content.

A replacement for the late, lamented HP SPOOK.

Displays information about in-use files, including estimated time until EOF is reached (for serially accessed files).

A "god" program.

Fetches files into memory, fast. Can freeze files into memory, and can count the number of pages of a file in memory.

A "bouncer" for idle sessions. With rule-based description of how long various kinds of users can be idle before being bounced.

An MPE/iX-style "grep"...fast method of searching groups of files for text. Handles ASCII flat files and QEDIT files by index. Other non-PRIV files can also be specified. Includes a windowed interface version.

Utility to create/modify accounts, users, and groups. Has ability to clone account structures or put them into sync.

Provides an exhaustive analysis of memory use at any point in time. Can be used over a period of time under different load conditions to help determine whether adding memory would improve system performance.

System log file analyzer, specializing in reporting on "file close" records.

A fast file (and IMAGE database) copier. Has ability to put files onto specific LDEVs, and to make them a single extent.

Performance tool that does *NOT* use the Measurement Interface (MI). As a result, SHOT starts up quickly and has little impact on system performance, unlike the MI-based tools! SHOT's KILL command can be used to kill individual processes.

A Tape Index program. TINDEX reports the contents of NM STORE tapes, CM STORE tapes, TAR tapes, SLT tapes, MPE/iX Dump tapes, classic Dump tapes, and a few more. Also has limited support for Unix TAR tapes. TINDEX automatically deduces the type of tape. Combines the functionality of old CM VALIDATE with NM VSTORE and adds a whole lot more.

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