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Shadow Data Replicator
A simple, flexible, reliable and affordable solution

Resource 3000 calls Shadow Data Replicator the simple, flexible, reliable and affordable shadowing solution.


Shadow D/R is easily configured. There are two simple configuration files that reside on the primary system. Simple commands are used to start and stop a shadowing activity. Shadowing never affects access to the original databases and files.


Shadow D/R has the flexibility to:

· shadow to any number of secondary systems,
· permit a single system to be both a primary and secondary for different shadowing activities,
· shadow virtually any file type or access mode,
· shadow any selection of files and/or databases,
· rename files and databases on the secondary and
· shadow files from a system back to itself (under a new name).


Shadow D/R is designed to maintain file synchronization (identity of original and copy) under most real-world conditions. This includes all communications and failures, all process failures on the primary (caused, for example, by the ABORTJOB command), and most system aborts and other process failures on the secondary. In the event of a communications line failure or failure of the secondary, processing can continue on the primary. The file change information will be accumulated in disk logs on the primary and may be concurrently put to tape, if desired. When the failure condition is corrected, Shadow D/R will automatically resume shadowing to the secondary. If lack of file space stops shadowing, Shadow D/R will restore synchronization when the condition is corrected and shadowing is restarted. Shadow D/R is very thoroughly tested and is excellent at maintaining file synchronization between originals and copies.


Shadow D/R is fairly priced to make it an attractive solution to your data management problems. Call 800-935-0652 for pricing. When you need the data management advantages of shadowing, look to Shadow D/R from Resource 3000 for simple, flexible, reliable and affordable shadowing.

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