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Remote Maintenance Contract
3000 Server Support to 2015 and Beyond!

R3K remote maintenance contract was developed to support customers who do not have local service coverage from HP and are outside R3K service area. This program also solves the problem for those HP customers, who want or need to remain on the HP3000 platform after HP ends support on this product line, effective December 31, 2007.

How do we remotely support to 2015 and beyond?

R3K Certificate of Supportability - a certificate is issued to your server using the server's serial number as the control number. Each Certificate has a registration number that is entered into R3K's LTS (Long Term Support) channel. The R3K LTS channel maintains sparing and forecasts sparing needs to 2015 and beyond. Sparing is implemented off these forecasts.

Servers issued a certificate of supportability are factored in and grand fathered according to the date the servers entered the program. Recipients of the Certificate will be notified annually as to the current end of support beyond 2015. As long as you are an active R3K customer your 3000 Server will be protected till 2015 and beyond.

R3K knows there is a high level of technical skill present among HP users. Many customers routinely fix their PC's and are quite capable of working on the HP3000, given the proper tools, parts and assistance from Ideal's response center. If you are in this category or you have staff members with these skills, your company may be an excellent candidate for Ideal's 'Remote Maintenance Contract'.

R3K provides what you need to effectively allow you to maintain your own HP3000 server. This means saving many thousands of dollars, not having to upgrade your perfectly stable system, until you decide to do so.

We realize that this program is not perfect for everyone. We also realize HP is not offering you any viable alternative other than an expensive replacement product. For those customers who want or need to continue using existing equipment, this program provides a viable solution.

How the program works

A System Performance evaluation will be performed on your server with your approval. R3K will also examine all your hardware logs to determine the condition of your system via remote connection.

Vision software will constantly monitor the state of your system, memory and disk drives. When a problem is detected, an automatic email is sent to you and your account CE. Your account CE will log into the system via the remote support modem to determine the nature of the problem. Minor phone fixes will be handled right then. If a part needs to be sent that is not already on site, you will be notified of the urgency for the part, at which time you can determine how you want the part sent and schedule a time to accomplish the repair.

Once you have received the part, contact your account CE and he will direct you through the repair process. During this process your CE will test the fix for you and determine that everything is okay.

In the event of any other failures you will contact the response center for immediate assistance.

Disaster Recovery - R3K provides you the option of storing system backups in the event of major disaster. A full disaster recovery program is also available at additional cost.

Contract Performance Details

Technical Support

· Unlimited HW technical support via phone 24 hours by 7 days per week.
· Unlimited per-incident CE onsite demand charge available.
· Service tool kit is supplied
· Remote connection for troubleshooting server options:
   · Remote modem over analog line
   · VPN connection supplied by Customer
   · Direct IP connection over internet via Reflections WEBEX connection using Customer supplied
   windows pc
   · Access to R3K knowledge base upon request
   · Video conferencing over internet to enhance repairs

Replacement parts

· R3K will stock reasonable amount of parts to ensure a high degree of availability.
· Parts used will normally be replaced on Monday thru Friday next day basis.
· Parts not in stock will be expedited same day fastest commercial means available.
· Expedite fee of 400.00 is available should you deem it necessary. Expedition meaning customer specifies how parts are to be shipped.


· Batteries on UPSs are exempt from replacement under the contract.
· Line Printers will be subcontracted to local service - next day response.
· Operating System support - per incident basis charge unless you have Softline.


· Customer may elect to attend a 1 day course on parts replacement for their server. Customer responsible for own travel and per-diem costs.
· R3K will work with customer to assess its repair history and determine with the best selection of spares.
· Customer will allow the use of any spares currently in possession and R3K in return offers to test those spares at their R3K depot facility to ensure integrity of same.

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