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MPE/iX System Manager Training for the HP3000
Course Overview

We are your e3000 Total Experience Resource. Whatever you need for your e3000, we provide.

Resource 3000 offers hands-on HP3000 - MPE/iX system administration with emphasis on understanding the HP3000 server hardware and MPE/iX operating system software. Course will enable administrators to understand the more complex features of the HP3000 and gain familiarity with the commands required to maintain a HP3000 server operation.


· Basic knowledge of computer operation
· Working knowledge of Windows 2000 or XP Professional
· Network knowledge will be an advantage
· MS Office user

Course covers

· Introduction
· Account management
   · Account structure components
   · System directory
   · MPE/iX special accounts
   · Managing accounts, groups, and users
   · Changing groups within accounts
   · User and program capabilities
   · Assigned capabilities
· System security and control
   · File security and file access modes
   · User types
   · Displaying security settings
   · Assigning access
   · Resource tracking
   · Implementing remote device control
· General HP3000 hardware configuration
· Peripherals configuration
   · Configuring tape and disk
   · Identifying an IP address
   · Configuring a LAN card
   · Configuring DTC and a serial device
   · Configuring net printers
   · Creating an SLT tape
· Volume management
   · Volume management strategies
   · Permanent vs. transient space
   · Common disk cleanup
· System backup, data recovery, and high availability
· MPE Tools
   · New MPE commands
   · New MPE/iX utilities
   · Setting up multiple independent job queues
   · Online diagnostics subsystem
   · Resetting a port
   · System map
   · Using the online diagnostics subsystem
   · Access port enabling and commands
   · MPE/iX subsystem dump facility
   · MPE/iX scheduling queue
· System startup procedures
   · System startup flow
   · ISL commands
   · ISL utilities
   · Patch/IX and Stage/iX
   · Shutdown
· Spooler management
   · The PRINTSPF utility
   · Headers and trailers
   · Printing spool files from a spool tape

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