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R3K Performance Training Institute
The training classes offered by Resource 3000 will give attendees an opportunity to maximize their current system performance and give them insight on what changes may or may not be needed to maintain maximum performance of their systems on an ongoing basis. The investment made in your system is huge, especially now. Dealing with current and growing workloads, new applications, new users and trying to optimize the system while looking ahead to the future are all equally important.

Often System Managers and Administrators find a gap between their knowledge, and how to best utilize tools available to them to provide management with performance information. Performance is a broad topic requiring an understanding of primary and secondary resources. Information taught in these classes will help system mangers balance resources and competitive activities on the computer, fine tune memory design and improve disk space management.

Students will learn specific techniques to effectively manage their own environment. Students will also have an opportunity to explore concepts that allow them to anticipate the future difficulties and predict where new performance problems may occur. By the end of the class, each student should have at the very least have the beginnings of a performance management game plan that can then be initiated at the student's own site.

R3K training classes are divided into two training sessions: MPE Training and Unix Training. The MPE Training session is a five-day long training that includes three separate courses. There is a two-day course on MPE/IX Performance Optimization, followed by a two-day course on MPE/iX Product Training and then the final day on MPE/IX Capacity Planning. The Unix Training session is a two-day long training focus on Product Training.

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